TO DO Many writeups! More art! And more site-exclusive stuff...

2023-2-22 Consolidated "Inspo" to "Articles."

2023-2-19 Created "Art", "Melee Mods", and "Articles" pages. Revamped home button.

2022-12-24 Happy holidays! Added a shoutbox and replaced "Blah" with a new Inspo page.

2022-12-22 Visual changes to make site less "aggressive". Front now has a "Latest" box.

2022-9-19 Fade-in on page change added. Pages now contain in "main". Implementation slightly buggy, needs work.

2022-9-18 rev.2 Update window added. Placeholder text, images, and buttons in place.

2022-9-18 Website revamped. Layout is now consisting of two bars, content and navigation.

sometime in 2018 Website created. Hello everyone!

Why is this here? It's mostly for myself to keep track of the site and what I did, but hopefully it helps you too.